The false truths of imaging the spine

Did you know an MRI of your spine can be extremely misleading?

If you take people without back pain and put them through a CT scan and MRI, you get some surprising results.

37% of 20 year olds,
80% of 50 year olds,
96% of 80 year olds … have “disc degeneration”


30% of 20 year olds,
60% of 50 year olds,
84% of 80 year olds … have “disc bulges”

It turns out that some of these changes are just a normal part of the ageing process. If your MRI says something scary, do not be afraid! Come and see one of our Physiotherapists by making an appointment online at or calling us on 1300 898 414 and speak to one of our friendly administration team.

Simon Carlton | Performance Physiotherapist