Simulated Altitude Training and Rehabilitation

Altitude training has been integrated into athlete preparation and rehabilitation strategies comprehensively for the past five decades by elite endurance athletes, with the goal of improving performance. In general, the various systems of the human body – pulmonary, cardiovascular, endocrine, skeletal muscle – respond and adjust to normobaric (simulated / normal barometric pressure) hypoxia (low oxygen) to provide sufficient oxygen to working muscle. Recently, Simulated Altitude Training techniques have been established to provide an ideal environment for weight loss, lean muscle development, anaerobic fitness and rehabilitation. Phase 4 Performance is the only allied health provider in the southern hemisphere with access to two separate simulated altitude chambers and the world’s first simulated altitude swimming pool to provide a unique and unrivalled array of injury prevention and management, rehabilitation and advanced training techniques for clients.

Benefits of Simulated Altitude training include:

  • Increased metabolism and increased fat loss
  • Higher red blood cell count and mass / haemoglobin
  • Increased lactate clearance or decreased lactate production
  • Improved fitness (aerobic & anaerobic)
  • Higher O2 to muscle
  • Higher lactate buffering capacity for repeated high intensity efforts
  • Increased recovery rate / rehabilitation via enhanced O2 delivery to muscle

Simulated Altitude training forms a comprehensive component of the P4P Injury Reconditioning and Intensive Rehabilitation Programs and Specialist Strength and Conditioning Services and is also incorporated into recovery and rehabilitation for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology clients where appropriate.

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