Phase 4 Performance offers comprehensive and individualized reconditioning programs for amateur, semi-professional, professional, elite, and world-class athletes at the EMF Performance Centre.

The team at P4P specialize in all post-injury and post-operative scenarios and offer specific programs and recommendations for the athlete to implement upon returning to individual or team training.

At P4P our experience in high-performance sport has enabled our staff to develop advanced injury rehabilitation progression plans that place a significant emphasis on strength development, deceleration (eccentric/coordination), and multidimensional speed and agility. Our individualised rehabilitation programs begin from a fundamental framework of total body training. Clients are assessed to provide a comprehensive physical and physiological profile at the beginning and upon completion of the program.

On site testing equipment includes:

• Gymaware
• Ballistic Measurement System (BMS)
• Dual beam timing gates
• Hand held dynamometer
• Ipro saliva endocrine analysis

We utilize the latest technology to develop sport specific objective data that supports the progression towards preparedness including access to sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons in addition to state of the art imaging from plain X-rays to 3T MRI’s.

Specialised Reconditioning Programs offered by P4P include:

• Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair
• Acute and Recurrent Hamstring Injury
• Osteitis Pubis / Groin Injury
• Achilles Tendon Repair
• Shoulder Reconstruction
• Supraspinatus / Bicep Tendon / SLAP lesion repair

At P4P we welcome physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches and training staff to accompany the athlete whilst they participate in the reconditioning program; in fact, we encourage staff to attend as many of the athlete’s sessions with the P4P staff as possible. Reconditioning Intensives can be organized from 1 to 4 weeks whereby the athlete becomes embedded in the culture created by Dr Chris McLellan PhD and the Phase 4 Performance staff. Athletes train 2x/day in an individualized and intensive setting that simultaneously focuses on the injury and the complete athlete.

We implement unique training practices that address complex injury scenarios through innovative loading, modified loading and de-loading methods. Athletes undertake their reconditioning program at one of the largest and most well equipped training centres in the southern hemisphere, boasting 3500m2 of state of the art facilities that include:

• 25m Indoor Climate Controlled swimming pool
• Functional Training Area
• 50m Artificial Turf Track
• Technogym equipped resistance training area
• Separate Synergy equipped resistance training area
• Simulated Altitude Functional Training Area
• Fully equipped cardiovascular training area
• Simulated Altitude Cross Training and Cardio Training Area
• Pilates and Yoga studios
• Boxing and MMA area
• Spin studio
• Group fitness training area
• Separate rehabilitation training area equipped with Kinesis equipment

Hotels and first-class accommodations are within minutes of the training centre. Athletes will typically fly into Coolangatta Airport for domestic flights and Brisbane International Airport is 1.0hr away for international clients.

For further information regarding P4P Reconditioning Intensives and Camps please contact Dr Chris McLellan PhD at

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