Individuals with back pain – you are not alone. Whilst some of these messages will not be relevant to all, it is important to realise back pain does not have to be debilitating and is quite often easily managed.

Some simple messages that can assist in managing your back pain:

  • Back pain does not necessarily mean your back is damaged, it means that it is sensitised
  • You back can be sensitised by awkward movements and postures, muscle tension, inactivity, lack of sleep, stress, worry and low mood
  • Most back pain is linked to minor issues that can be very painful
  • Sleeping well, exercise, and a healthy diet will help your back
  • The brain acts as an amplifier – the more you worry and think about your pain, the worse it gets
  • Your back is one of the strongest structures of the body
  • It is very rare to do permanent damage to your back
  • Relaxed movement will help your back pain settle
  • Your back gets stronger with motion
  • Motion it lotion
  • Protecting your back and avoiding movement can make your back worse
  • Your scan changes are normal, like grey hairs

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Simon Carlton | Performance Physiotherapist