Travis Ronaldson is a Performance Dietitian with a passion for pushing the boundaries of human potential.

Travis spends his time working with athletes, high achievers and people like you, all trying to perform at their best physically, mentally and emotionally in their sport, career and life.

More specifically, Travis has and continues to work with NRL and AFL teams, Olympic athletes and is engaged by a number of businesses to help their management teams improve their performance.

Prior to becoming a dietitian Travis spent many years as a strength and conditioning coach helping both amateur and professional athletes prepare for individual and team sports. This gives him a unique understanding of how training and nutrition interact and this transfers into more specific programs tailored to suit your training and physique goals.

Travis believes that nutrition is the key to health and performance and by having your own, individually designed nutrition strategy you will be able to perform at a new level, whether it be physically, cognitively or in life.

Travis will analyse your current diet and approach to food and provide a nutrition strategy that suits you, your unique goals and approach to eating. Travis uses his experience working with elite athletes to help develop a practical program that works and will take you to your goals.

Many people undersell the ability of nutrition to improve weight, boost energy, increase endurance, strength and power, reduce fatigue, sharpen thinking, elevate productivity, improve concentration and add years to your life. And this is just the beginning of what food can do.

You have a plan for your finances and career, why not plan your health? What do you have to lose? Book a consult with Travis today.

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