Considered one of Australia’s leading high performance specialist’s Dr McLellan is the founder of Phase 4 Performance Pty Ltd and has forged a formidable relationship with EMF Performance Centres to develop a philosophy of “merging science and function into practical application” across all aspects of strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, client monitoring, injury prevention, management and rehabilitation strategies.

Dr McLellan brings an unprecedented level of experience and expertise to the Phase 4 Performance group via over 20yrs working in the NRL, AFL and professional Rugby Union around the world while maintaining an active involvement in elite sport through advisory positions and consultancy internationally. With a diverse skill set that includes a Phd in Exercise and Sports Science and a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, Dr McLellan complements his formal qualifications with nationally and internationally accredited Olympic Weightlifting, Sports Power and Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Associate Professor McLellan’s research areas of interest include acute and chronic adaptation to strength and power training, hormonal adaptation to blunt force trauma and collision during contact sports, accelerated rehabilitation protocols, simulated altitude training, performance nutrition and athlete enhancement strategies incorporating environmental extremes. Dr McLellan holds editorial board and reviewer positions with ten (10) international scientific journals and his research has resulted in over ninety (90) published works in peer reviewed journals, published abstracts and presentations at national and international conferences.


Performance Enhancement Strategies:
Heat acclimation, pre-cooling, Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT), hypoxic simulated altitude training and a variety of strength training specific strategies.
Collision and Combat Sport Athletic Preparation:
Advanced training and integrated monitoring strategies to facilitate athlete preparation and optimise competitive performance.
Performance Analysis and Data Analytics:
Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) and accelerometry, injury prevention and performance prediction diagnostics and predictive analytics.
Hormonal Adaptation to Exercise, Performance and Recovery:
Methods of manipulating hormonal profiles and the possible effects of those manipulations on the endocrine and immune systems.
Performance Nutrition:
Performance and recovery benefits associated with ergogenic aids with specific application to contact sport.
Functional Rehabilitation and Accelerated Return to Therapeutic Exercise Strategies:
Functional movement screening, therapeutic exercise selection, load progression, hypoxic and hyperoxic rehabilitation strategies.


Certified Physiotherapist: Australian Physiotherapy Association (AHPRA)
Certified Physiotherapist: Health Professionals Council (UK)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS): National Strength and Conditioning Assoc.
Level II Strength and Conditioning Coach: Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
Level II Sports Power Coach: Australian Weightlifting Association
Level II Olympic Weightlifting coach: Australian Weightlifting Association
Level II Sports Trainer: Sports Medicine Australia
Level II Sports Physiotherapy Accreditation: Australian Sports Physiotherapy Assoc.
Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Vocational Education and Training)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Vocational Education and Training)
CPR / Advanced First Aid Accreditation: Surf Life Saving Australia


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Thesis Title: Neuromuscular, Biochemical, Endocrine and Physiological Responses of Elite Rugby League Players to Competitive Match-Play.
Bond University, Queensland, Australia
Master of Physiotherapy (M.Phty)
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
Bachelor of Exercise Science (B.Ex.Sc)
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

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